Instructions for ITR overlay placement

Drop these into your VASL/boards/overlays folder and VASL should recognize them.

Here's how to enter the overlay info into VASL's "Add Overlays" dialog (case does not matter):

- need to enter both hex1 and hex2 for the factory

- only need to enter one hex for the debris overlay

- only need to enter one hex for the rubbled city because its hexgrid is set to start at I1

Instructions for overlay placement

NameVASL Namehex1-hex2
BFPH2bfphii(as per SSR)
BFPV2bfpvii(as per SSR)

For BFP-06a, the VASL Name to enter into the "Add Overlay" dialog box is beta-foxtrot-papa-OSCAR-6 (bfpo6, all lower case) NOT the number ZERO-SIX!!! And yes, you only specify one hex for this overlay now - unlike a previous version where you had to specify i2-j2.

To use BFPC-1, the entry for the Add Overlay dialog is: bfpci , hex1 = i1, hex2 = blank (no need to enter anything).