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ITR2: Into the Rubble

Into The Rubble offers players the opportunity to do cardboard battle in cities and railroad yards. The scenarios range from 1938 to 1945 with a variety of forces including American, Chinese, German/SS, Hungarian, Japanese, Nationalist Spanish, Republican Spanish, Romanian and Russian.

Into The Rubble 2 builds on BFP's initial offering, adding 12 new and exciting scenarios in addition to the 8 which came in the original pack, in addition to new boards, overlays and counters. Everything from the original ITR is here, all known errata has been incorporated, and some of the original scenarios have been adjusted for play balance.

Into the Rubble 2 includes the following:

  • 20 action-packed scenarios in full-color print
  • 140 Full color, die cut 1/2" counters
  • 88 Full color, die cut 5/8" counters
  • Two 8"x22" geomorphic mapboards (BFP A and B) printed on heavy card stock, depicting city and railroad yard terrain. BFP B contains an errata update from the original ITR board
  • One 16"x22" geomorphic double-wide mapboard (BFP DW-7) printed on heavy card stock, depicting dense city terrain
  • One 8"x12" rubbled city overlay (BFP RC-1), 1 large factory overlay, 1 sheet of debris overlays, and 1 sheet of rubble/rubbled building overlays
  • Rules pages describing new terrain, including Railroad Factories, and new unit types.

The Rubbled City overlay (RC-1) fits on other official ASL (MMP) city boards: 1, 20, 21, 22, 45, 49, and 51.

Ownership of the following MMP ASL products are required to play all 20 of the included scenarios: Beyond Valor©, Yanks©, Doomed Battalions©, Armies of Oblivion©, Red Barricades©, For King and Country©, Rising Sun©.

Scenario Details

Scenario Title Combatants Date
ITR-1 Debacle at Sung Kiang Japanese att. Chinese Nov 37
ITR-2 Factory in Flix Replublican att. Nationalists Jul 38
ITR-3 Tough as Nails Germans att. Russians Sep 42
ITR-4 Clash at Ponyri Germans att. Russians Jul 43
ITR-5 Fire Teams Americans att. Germans Oct 44
ITR-6 The Ceramic Factory Russians att. Germans Jan 45
ITR-7 Rebounded Spirit Romanians att. Hungarians Jan 45
ITR-8 Beyond the Slaughterhouse Russians att. Germans Feb 45
ITR-9Asia's StalingradJapanese att. ChineseOct 37
ITR-10Samurai StalingradJapanese att. ChineseMar 38
ITR-11Cremation StationChinese att. JapaneseApr 38
ITR-12Sosabowski SlapdownGermans att. PolishSep 39
ITR-13To the Last BulletGermans att. RussiansJul 42
ITR-14Between Rockets and a Hard PlaceGermans att. RussiansOct 42
ITR-15Tractor Factory 137Germans att. RussiansMar 43
ITR-16The Fighting TankbustersGermans att. BritishFeb 44
ITR-17The Devil's FactoryAmericans att. GermansFeb 44
ITR-18Capital of the RuinsAmericans att. GermansJul 44
ITR-19The Narrow FrontAmericans att. GermansOct 44
ITR-20Fill 'Er Up, Mac?Americans att. JapaneseFeb 45