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BFP 3: Blood and Jungle

Blood and Jungle sends players into the Pacific Theater of Operations, fighting through jungles, swamps, kunai and other treacherous terrain. For all of you who have been longing for some great, new PTO ASL action, Blood and Jungle was made for you! And if you've put off playing PTO, now is your chance to dive in headfirst and experience some of the best we've produced to date.

The size of this product is unprecedented by any other module, magazine, or scenario pack. This has been under development for over 8 years, and the scenarios - yes, all 47 of them - have been thoroughly playtested. There is a wide variety of actions from all over the PTO including the wood-covered hills and plains of China, the jungles and villages of Burma, Borneo and the Philippines, the bloody beaches of Tarawa.and many other locations throughout southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Blood and Jungle includes the following:

  • 47 Action-Packed Scenarios.
  • 4 full sheets of counters, depicting more units, weapons, vehicles, and planes that are depicted in the scenarios.
  • The first ever double-wide 16"x22" geomorphic mapboard. This map represents a large urban area, made up of buildings and huts. (BFP DW-1) This is actually printed in two 8"x22" sections on heavy card stock.
  • One 8"x22" geomorphic mapboard, printed on heavy card stock, depicting a port village on a river. (BFP G)
  • Huge magazine with articles on tactics, histories, units, countries, tank hunters, etc.
  • Rules pages describing new terrain counters, vehicle listings/notes, and special units.
  • A divider card with new unit capabilities and terrain counter notes.

Ownership of the following Advanced Squad Leader© components are required to play all 47 of the included scenarios: Nationalities - Americans, Japanese, British, French, Russians, Chinese, Allied Minors, and Axis Minors; Boards - 2, 7, 10-12, 14-18, 22, 25, 32-40, 42-43, 47-51, b, d, u, v, and BRT.

Ownership of the Bounding Fire Production© board BFP B is also required for scenario BFP-26.

Scenario Details

Location Date Participants (BFP Boards)
Harbin, Manchuria 4 Feb 32 Japanese att. Chinese (BFP B)
Shanghai, China 5 Feb 32 Japanese att. Chinese (DW-1)
Wanping, China 9 Jul 37 Chinese att. Japanese
Shanghai, China 22 Aug 3 Chinese att. Japanese (DW-1 and BFP G)
Near Liuhe, China 25 Aug 37 Japanese att. Chinese
Shanghai, China 29 Oct 37 Japanese att. Chinese (BFP G)
Near Nanyaun, China 28 Jul 38 Japanese att. Chinese
Near Chiu Tiang, China 18 Dec 39 Chinese att. Japanese
Shanxi Province, China 3 Sep 40 CCP att. Japanese
Mai Phu, French Indochina 24 Sep 40 Japanese att. French
Near Maolin, China 7 Jan 41 Chinese att. CCP
Yeang Dang, Indochina 16 Jan 41 French att. Thais (DW-1)
Near Maladang, P.I. 1 Jan 42 Japanese att. P.A.
Manado, NEI 11 Jan 42 Japanese att. KNIL
Kakas, NEI 11 Jan 42 Japanese att. KNIL
Morong, P.I. 16 Jan 42 U.S./Japanese
Bukit Timah, Singapore 10 Feb 42 Japanese att. Australians
Near Palembang, NEI 14 Feb 42 Japanese att. KNIL/British
Near Babau, NEI 20 Feb 42 Japanese att. Australian/KNIL
Near Schwedaung, Burma 29 Mar 42 Indian att. BIA
Kengtung, Burma 26 May 42 Thais att. Chinese (DW-1a)
Tetemara, New Georgia 1 Jul 43 USMC att. Japanese
Lambetti, New Georgia 26 Jul 43 U.S. att. Japanese
Tarawa 22 Nov 43 USMC/Japanese (BRT Map)
Kwajalien, Marshalls 1 Feb 44 U.S. att. Japanese
Kwajalein, Marshalls 2 Feb 44 U.S. att. Japanese
Tingkrung Hka Trail, Burma 15 Mar 44 U.S./Kachins att. Japanese
Tamu, India 22 Mar 44 British att. Japanese
Near Tengnoupal, Burma 8 Apr 44 Japanese/INA att. Indian
Mokmer, Biak 15 Jun 44 Japanese att. U.S.
Tinian, Marianas 24 Jul 44 USMC att. Japanese
San Pablo, P.I. 6 Dec 44 Japanese att. U.S.
San Manuel, P.I. 24 Jan 45 U.S. att. Japanese
Near Lupoa, P.I. 3 Feb 45 U.S. att. Japanese
Manila, P.I. 28 Feb 45 U.S. att. Japanese (DW-1)
Near Mt. Popa, Burma 3 Apr 45 Indian att. INA
Tarakan Hill, Tarakan 4 May 45 Australians att. Japanese
Near Shuri, Okinawa 11 May 45 USMC att. Japanese
Woodpecker Ridge, P.I. 21 May 45 U.S. att. Japanese
Labuan 21 Jun 45 Australians att. Japanese
Klandasan, Balikpapan 1 Jul 45 Australians att. Japanese
Coke Hill, Balikpapan 9 Jul 45 Australians att. Japanese
Fuchin, Manchuria 11 Aug 45 Russians att. Japanese
Fuchin, Manchuria 13 Aug 45 Russians att. Japanese (DW-1)
Near Mutanchian, Manch. 14 Aug 45 Russians att. Japanese
Surabaya, Indonesia 10 Nov 45 Indian att. IRA (DW-1)
Java 21 Jul 47 KNIL att. IRA (BFP G)