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Poland in Flames

We'll introduce a number of new Guns, vehicles and SWs that were unique to the Poles in Sept '39 that are not covered or only covered in generic terms in the current core system Allied Minor OB. This will also include Infantry counters that will recognize the unique fighting capabilities of the Poles during this time period.

You will also see a number of German and Russian Vehicles (and some Guns) that fought in this opening campaign of WW2 that have been underrepresented in the current core German and Russian OBs. These will be a complement to those German Vehicles that we will release later with our more expansive Allied Minor product that will represent the early war equipment that fought during '40 and '41 (pre-Barbarossa).

Working on this project has been exciting in that we are shining a light on what we think is a very underrepresented area of focus in ASL, not only with respect to the Poles, but with the Allied Minors in general. We hope that PiF and the future Allied Minor product will generate as much excitement for the early phases of WW2 like B&J did for PTO.

Objective: Schmidt

Right now expect about 18 scenarios for the pack, with a more than half the scenarios taking place on the Schmidt map and the remainder on the Vossenack map. There is going to be a CG covering the action around Schmidt which will cover 7 CG scenario dates (morning and afternoon from Nov 4-7). The CG starts the afternoon of the 4th with German assault on Kommerscheidt after their morning capture of Schmidt proper. That assault took place over the next 3 days in very bitter house to house fighting as the Germans attempted to evict the Americans from Komm. This CG is not too large and should provide a good avenue for playing a CG in a reasonable amount of time. In lieu of a CG on the Voss. map, we are looking at doing a large scenario that covers the entire action on the board.

Bounding Fire Productions

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Welcome to Bounding Fire Productions. Bounding Fire is proud to serve our customers with high quality products and dedicated customer service. In 1999, we released our first product - the Hell on Wheels pack. Since reforming in 2007, BFP has released four additional products: Into the Rubble, Beyond the Beachhead 2, BFP 2: Operation Cobra, and BFP 3: Blood and Jungle. Follow the links to see more of these products and place an order.

Bounding Fire Productions continues to produce only the best, thoroughly playtested, action-packed scenarios and campaigns. Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction underlies everything we do. Bounding Fire places quality over quantity, and our track record demonstrates this. In addition to the Hell on Wheels pack, we were the design team responsible for such products as Onslaught to Orsha, the original Beyond the Beachhead, and scenarios of the year from Journals 2 and 3, just to name a few.

The team consists of highly renowned designer Chas Smith, Sam Tyson, Dave “Sarge” Roth, Bruce Kirkaldy, Brian Blad, and Rick Reinesch.

Since serving our customers is our highest priority, we strive to provide responsive communication and prompt shipping.

You are invited to browse our web site. Our company Blog will provide frequent updates about current publications and future projects, and is also a voice from Bounding Fire to you. Please feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Our Support page contains our contact information, as well as answers to questions from our customers.

The Download page features VASL map files for our various products. This page also contains any product errata. The Errata for Hell on Wheels is there too, just for a reach out to the past.

Thank you for visiting! We hope to add you to our growing list of satisfied cutomers.

- The Team at BFP

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Bounding Fire is proud to offer high quality products and dedicated customer service. BFP has released six products:

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Bounding Fire cross-sells the high quality Le Franc Tireur products. BFP currently stocks the LFT products shown above. Click on the covers to see more details about these products and to place an order.

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